at the SAT, 1195 SST-Lawrence boul. (St-Lawrence metro)
Saturday 20th March | 10PM to 14PM | *price to be confirmed.
Reservations : (name + tel + email)

*The worskshop will be held in english



Ed Hooks pioneered acting training specifically for animators and wrote a book about it, "Acting for Animators". Today's sophisticated audiences and game players have become accustomed to a high standard of performance animation, and the expectations are increasing by the month. In this workshop, animators study pure acting theory, the connections between thinking, emotion and physical action. Through lecture, analysis of clips from animated and live-action films and simple improvations, the class moves from the roots of acting 7,000 years ago all the way up to the present.
    • Some of the specific topics covered include:
    • Introduction to Essential Acting Principles
    • Introduction to Power Centers (improv/lecture)
    • Introduction to Status Transactions (improv/lecture)
    • Introduction to Psychological Gesture
    • Character Analysis
    • Introduction to concept of Adrenaline Moment
Day clips include: Charlie Chaplin ("Modern Times"), "Multiciplicity", "A Streetcar Named Desire".
Acting Analysis of Academy Award Winning short, "Father and Daughter"
Introduction to Paul Ekman's Facial Action Coding System (FACS) (the expression of emotion in the human face -- Ekman's work was used a lot on Gollum)


"This class was a first-rate production and a one-of-a-kind experience for me. I've never had an opportunity to indulge in an animation workshop that offered so much insight into "animating with a purpose". Your course offered me many new concepts to help dissect, study, and prepare character motion. Thank you for taking the time to visit with us and share your acting concepts. It was well-worth my time. Your unique perspective is an inspiration."
Duane Molitor,Animation Lead, Fasa Studio Xbox, Microsoft Corporation

"We were really privileged to have you visit the studio and you have been a huge inspiration to all those that attended the classes."
Rhian Ellis, Human Resources, Disney Animation, Sydney, Australia

"Everyone ... REALLY enjoyed it and got a lot out of what you had to say. We definitely want to bring you back."
Marc Vulcano, Director of Animation, Big Idea Productions (Chicago)

"The workshop was a hit with all participants..."
Don Howe, Mgr of Animation, Tippett Studio

"Thanks so much for not only coming here to inspire our troops (I've received tons of grateful thanks already), but also for being so dammed professional and NICE!"
Michael Limber, chief creative officer, Rockstar (San Diego)

"Your wisdom, observation & method of teaching was very helpful to us. I so enjoyed taking your class."
Kelle, game artist, Dynamix (Oregon)

"Thanks for a great lecture\workshop. Everyone really enjoyed it and got something out of it."
Valve Software (Kirkland, Washington)

"I can't express how much of an impression you have made on us over here - It really is brilliant."
Siobhan Fenton, Senior Lecturer (Character Animation), University of Teesside - UK

"Never have I met a person with such a passion for their craft. I can't tell you how inspiring it is."
Michael Egnew, Lead Animator, Raven Software (Madison Wisconsin)

"You have a wonderful knack of 'hitting the nail on the head' ..."
Andy Daffy, Framestore UK

"I've already put some of your theories into practice with the shows presently on my development slate ..."
Jon Doyle, Animator, Cosgrove Hall UK

"You are an incredible instructor, and I've brought a lot back with me to work with."
Ray Dena, Animator Acclaim Studios, Austin, Texas

"...a great big THANK YOU from all the animators at BioWare.... We learned a great deal! I know it will improve animation and I have also seen a morale improvement already..."
Dave Hibbeln, Director of Art, BioWare (Edmonton Canada)

"If you have it and you know you have it, then you have it. If you have it and don't know you have it, you don't have it. If you don't have it but you think you have it, then you have it."
Jackie Gleason - -


ANIMA 04Ed Hooks is the author of "Acting for Animators" (Heinemann, revised second edition 2003). He has been a theatre professional for three decades and teaches acting to both animators and actors. He has taught for many companies, including PDI, Lucas Learning, Disney Feature Animation (Sydney, Australia and Orlando, Florida), Will Vinton Studios, Animal Logic (Sydney, Australia),Valve Software, BioWare, Tippett Studio, Wild Brain, OddWorld Inhabitants, Mondo Media, Dynamix and Crystal Dynamics.

In addition, he has been a guest instructor at Ringling School of Art and Design (Sarasota, Florida), Ohio State University, Nanyang Polytechnic Institute in Singapore, Victorian College of Art (Melbourne, Australia), Filmakademie Baden-Wortemborg in Ludwigsburg Germany and HFF in Potsdam. He was a featured speaker at Animex 2001 and 2002 at the University of Teesside in England and at FMX '99 and '02 in Stuttgart. He recentlyl participated in Projector Festival in Dundee, Scotland and Swansea Animation Days in Swansea, South Wales.

You can learn more about Ed's work by visiting his web sites : and